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PADI Diving Course Catalog Dubai



This globally-recognized scuba certification course is your first important step in your journey to becoming a certified scuba diver. Anyone, as young as 10 years old, can join scuba this lesson.


This three-day program that helps you gain the necessary knowledge and skills you need to become a certified diver. It starts with an online eLearning course and followed by in-water training with your instructor.


At the end of this two-day course, you will receive a license from PADI and be able to dive to a depth of 30 meters with a dive buddy. Anyone, as young as 12 years old, can join participate.


This three to four-day diving program will arm you with ample knowledge and skills that you need when dealing with an underwater emergency and possibly help you save the lives of fellow divers.


The skills you will pick up from this one-day course are just what you need to enable you to calmly respond to minor and life-threatening medical situations during a dive or even in your day-to-day life.


This course is a good way to revitalize your skills and passion for diving after being inactive for some time. You will get to practice again the basics such as mask clearing, out of air procedures, and other essential skills.


This is an extensive program wherein you will undergo rigorous training and internship for a period of seven to fifteen days. This is your first step if you want to have a career in scuba diving.


Master Scuba Diver is the highest non-professional level in the PADI System of diver education and to achieve this rating, you need to log a certain number of dives and master at least 5 scuba diving specialties


Our world-class instructors will train you on how to manage your gas supply, deal with gas narcosis, and other essential skills for you to be able to explore deeper dives sites up to 40 meters deep.


Our PADI-certified instructors will train you on how to manage oxygen exposure, practice analyzing oxygen content in your scuba tank, and set your dive computer for diving with enriched air nitrox.


You get to learn procedures and essential techniques when diving at night such as mastering buoyancy control in the dark, learning how to enter, exit, and navigate in pitch black darkness.


Mastering your buoyancy will allow you to use less air as you move or hover in the water and also be able to explore different aquatic environments without disturbing your surroundings.


Our world-class trainers will teach you effective ways to look for lost objects, various methods of recovering small items, and how to properly deploy a lift bag for recovering objects that are too heavy to carry on your own.


Under close supervision of our PADI-certified guides, your children will learn how to use scuba diving equipment and properly take their first breaths using oxygen tanks while in confined waters no deeper than 2 meters.


Through specially designed Aqua Missions, kids will be trained on the basics of scuba diving as well as more advanced skills such as marine animal identification, search and recovery diving, and skin diving.


This structured program will further develop your children’s underwater skills, expose them to a variety of diving and aquatic issues suited for their age level, and prepare them for the Junior Open Water training.

Get the thrill and excitement of seeing the world underwater. Nemo Diving Center offers globally-recognized scuba diving courses in Dubai at highly competitive prices. Whether you’re a newbie, recreational or professional diver, you’ll learn a lot from enrolling in one of our lessons.

Who Are Qualified to Enroll?

Nemo Diving Center has diver certification classes for anyone from the age of 10 years old and above. No prior experience is needed to be able to join our diving courses. All of our lessons are PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certified so we guarantee that you’ll get into diving in no time. For your peace of mind, we only employ highly trained instructors to ensure your safety and you’ll learn our courses at any level properly.

Duration of Diving Course

Duration of our diving courses depends on the program you choose. We have two to three day lessons for our basic classes but we have lessons that can last as long as fifteen days especially for our advanced and higher level courses. We encourage you to check and carefully read the details of each of our classes to find out which among them are you most interested in. You may also have a quick consultation with one of our instructors so they could help assess the level of your skill and advice as to which class is most suited to your current diving knowledge.

Pricing of Scuba Lesson

You may check out our scuba diving price packages in Dubai and other locations in UAE. below. The prices for our courses depend on the program you’d like to take. Price range for our classes can go around 700 AED to 4,000 AED. For our e-Learning Course, there will be an add-on cost for it. You must pass and complete this course right before the end of your actual diving course.

Just a quick note. We highly encourage all diver students to complete the e-Learning course before starting the actual dive sessions. This is to help fully prepare yourself for the actual training and course.

Schedule of Diving Classes

Here at Nemo Diving Center, you can pick a schedule that is most amenable to you. Upon enrollment, you’ll be given a form to which you could specify the dates you’d like to take your classes. We will then make all the necessary arrangements to commence your lessons based on the schedule you prefer.

Venue of the Lessons

All our lessons are held at the Azure Residences, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE. Our instructors can conduct lessons for both confined water and open water environments. For beginners under Basic course, the student will have to start with confined water lessons, before going into open water training. For more advanced courses, you will have the option to choose where you’d like to to do your dive sessions.

Discover the wonders that lie beneath the waves. Enroll to one of our diving lessons today and experience an unparalleled adventure under the sea. Feel free to contact us here or send us an email: info@nemodivingcenter.com. You may also reach us via mobile or WhatsApp: +971567044472.


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