Night Diving Trip – Two dives – Tanks and Weights


Welcome to the Night Diving Trip – Two Dives – Tanks And Weights booking page! Enjoy two dives in one night inclusive of tanks and weights. Exploring the water at night is a fascinating experience that gives you the pleasure of witnessing daytime marine creatures retreat to their sleeping places while nocturnal species wake up from their slumber. Descending into the water at night lets you unravel the mysteries of the dark. It’s like discovering a whole new world filled with incredible sights.

This Night Diving Trip includes tanks and weights. Please bring other necessary diving gear to enjoy your night dive. You need an Open Water Certification or Advanced Open Water Certification or higher to join our Night Diving Trip – Two Dives.

Ready for this fun adventure? Book your trip now and let the unique beauty of the underworld at night come to life under the glow of your dive light.

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