Snorkeling Trip to Musandam

From: AED800.00


Snorkeling is a fun and easy way of encountering marine life beneath the surface of the water. With snorkeling, you don’t have to dive deeper to see the beautiful marine environment. You can already see marine flora and fauna along the surface. Another great thing about snorkeling is that it doesn’t require formal training and almost anyone can do it. Our Musandam snorkeling tour is ideal for the whole family, including kids (8 years old and above). It’s also perfect for a group of friends who want to have an exciting holiday adventure. 

There are plenty of stunning things to see in the peninsula’s underwater ecosystem. Get a chance to see colorful fish of different shapes and sizes, aquatic plants, and many other amazing marine creatures. For your convenience, we’ll provide the snorkeling gear such as the mask and snorkel but you may also bring your own equipment. You may also use the life vest on board as floatation assistance. There’s no need to wear any special clothing during snorkeling. All you need is regular swimwear and you’re good to go. Come and experience the underwater world with us.

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