Tecline Regulator R2 TEC2 side mount extreme set

5,609.45 AED

Tecline SM Extreme Set
The Side Mount Extreme Set results from the concept of the self-sufficient and solo side mount diver for whom  diving in extremely difficult conditions such as
exploring tight caves and wrecks requires minimalistic configuration of regulators. The reversible  second stages in this set are connected with first stages from left and right side with short hoses.
Tecline SM Extreme
  • 2x R2 first stage regulators with 5th port
  • 2x TEC2 second stage regulators (reversible version)
  • 2x swivel 90 degrees
  • 2x LP hose 65-70cm
  • 2x INFL hose LP 20cm
  • 2x HP rubber hose 20cm
  • 2x SPG 52mm, 300 bar
  • 1x SS bolt snap 88mm
  • 1m bungee diam. 4mm
Test this set with Tecline SIDE 16 Avenger Professional BC System: please contact your local TecLine dealer.

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