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Who We Are?
Nemo Diving Center was established in 2014 in Dubai, UAE and continues to offer high-quality services to thousands of divers throughout the world. We offer diving excursions to certified divers and training for all levels - from beginners to experienced divers. People can get to know the enchantments of the sea safely and easily by doing their first dives with us.

We are proud of our dedication to high safety standards, clean and comfortable facilities, and friendly, experienced staff. For us, diving is a serious occupation but also a way of life.

Our Vision

Mission and Overview


Where We Are Now
We are the number 1 diving center recommended byTrip Advisor and ranked 19th in water sports and outdoor activities in the UAE.

High Atmosphere

To create an atmosphere where the staff and owners work together as family


To help others to unleash their passion by participating in safe diving adventures


To impact others by encouraging and equipping them to participate in all diving activities available

Our Team

Nemo Diving Center is full of smart and driven people who get things done. The relationship we've built over the years with our customers proves how friendly we are and it is the primary reason why our customers recommend Nemo Diving Center to others.

Hossam Tarek

   Founder / CEO

Captain Hossam Tarek is a qualified PADI IDC staff instructor and is also a:

-Master Scuba dive instructor
-Emergency First Aid instructor
-Licensed boat captain
-Diving Safety & Standard trainer

Mohamed Samir

   Partner/Manager Fujairah

Mohamed Samir is a qualified IDEA Advanced instructor and is also a:

-SSI Open Water instructor
-2 Star instructor CMAS
-PADI Dive Master
-Emergency First Responder
-Dive Medic Instructor

Our Team

Ahmed Hassan

Ahmad Hassan
Fujairah Operation Manager

Mustafa Dlrar

Mustafa Dlrar
Dubai Operation Manager

Mohamed Ibrahim

Mohamed Ibrahim
Marketing Manager

Commitment to safety

We are frequently trusted by high-level clients and businesses because of our very high safety standards and procedures. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art and meets the max safety and standard requirement and all instructors are well-trained and approved by the Dubai maritime city authority. At Nemo Diving Center, your safety always comes first.

Our Services

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    PADI Diving Courses
    1. PADI discovery scuba diving
    2. Scuba Diver course
    3. Open Water course
    4. Advanced Open Water course
    5. Enriched Air specialty
    6. Deep Dive specialty
    7. Wreck Dive specialty
    8. Night Dive specialty
    9. Emergency First Response course
    10. Rescue Diver course 
    11. Dive Master course

  • 02

    Diving Trips
    1. Beach dive
    2. Boat dive
    3. Beach night dive
    4. Boat night dive

  • 03

    Equipment Rental
    1. Underwater camera
    2. Diving suit
    3. Regulator
    4. BCD
    5. Fins
    6. Mask
    7. Cylinder
    8. Weight belt

  • 04

    Submarine Scooter Tour
    1. 20, 30, and 40-minute Submarine scooter tours

  • 05

    Swimming Classes
    1. Kids 
    2. Adults

Award Winning
We are one of
Top 5 in the UAE

NEMO Diving Center is certified by the international diving organizations such as PADI, CMAS, and SSI. We offer a full range of excursions and courses ranging from Discover Scuba Diving to Divemaster and specialties.

submarine scooter


The submarine scooter has a simple steering and throttle mechanism and is powered by an electric motor, making it non-polluting and safe for the marine environment. At a rate of 2.5 knots, you're able to ride amongst the spectacular underwater world, or remain stationary and observe the abundant fish.

The submarine scooter is a self-propelled diving vehicle used primarily for introductory dives to a maximum depth of 10 meters. You don't need to wear a mask or a mouthpiece unlike in normal scuba diving as your head remains dry inside the dome, allowing you to breathe easily and even wear contact lenses or glasses comfortably. No courses are required you don't need to know how to swim in order to ride the submarine scooter and each participant will be accompanied by a fully qualified dive instructor.


Limit of liability:
The limit of liability covered under this contract is €20,000,000 combined limit for bodily injury and property damage per occurrence with a double annual aggregate limit.

We want you to have fun on your scuba diving courses or trips but your safety remains our top priority.

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