ReActivate Scuba Refresher

Course Duration

1 day (1 session)

Session Duration

2 to 3 hours


9AM, 12PM, 3PM (daily)



From: 370.00 AED

About the course

This course is a good way to revitalize your skills and passion for diving after being inactive for some time. You will get to practice again the basics such as mask clearing, out of air procedures, and other essential skills.

Take This Course If You Want to

  • Refresh your skills before a trip
  • Prepare for your next course
  • Get an updated certification card

Learn How to

  • Assemble a scuba unit
  • Handle common problems
  • Perform basic skills with ease



(Junior) Scuba Diver certification or proof of entry-level diver certification from another training organization with four open water dives Padi or other organisation's

Total time commitment

2-6 hours

Minimum age

10 years or older



How to Earn your Scuba Diving Certification

  • Step 1: Quick review
  • Step 2: 1 Dive 3 Hours

Upon completion, you will receive a replacement certification card with a ReActivate date on it. +50 AED

More Info

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Has it been a while since your last dive? Rediscover your underwater confidence with Nemo Diving Center's PADI Scuba Refresher Course. Designed to help you brush up on essential skills and knowledge, this course is the perfect way to get back into the water comfortably.

Led by our experienced PADI-certified instructors, the Scuba Refresher Course offers a supportive environment to refresh your diving abilities. From equipment setup to buoyancy control, you'll gain hands-on practice to ensure a smooth return to the underwater world.

Whether you're preparing for your next dive adventure or simply want to rekindle your passion for diving, our Scuba Refresher Course is tailored to your needs. Dive back in with Nemo Diving Center and relive the excitement of exploring beneath the waves. Your underwater journey continues here.

  1. You will receive an email from PADI with E-learning you will need to create an account if you don't have to log in to your PADI account to access the course.
  2. From your Dashboard go to Student Details and Manage Your Courses.
  3. You can then decide to Start the eLearning yourself.

If you haven't dived in over six months then you need to enroll in our PADI ReActivate lessons so you can refresh your scuba skills and reacclimate with the feeling of being underwater.

During simulated diving situations, you will get to practice again the basics such as mask clearing, out of air procedures, and other essential skills. This scuba refresher course will also test your comprehension of important dive safety theories, dive planning essentials, and problem management.

Can’t wait to dive in the water again? Just click the "Check Availability" button and you're a step closer to hitting the beautiful dive sites in Dubai. Please choose the date and time that is most convenient for you and we’ll take care of the necessary details. Once booked, we will meet you at the Nemo Diving Center on the agreed schedule to fill out some forms and fit your scuba equipment. Our PADI-certified instructors will accompany you to the Azure Residences, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE for the actual dive training.

Comfortable swimming attire and footwear
Extra set of clothes

Refresh your scuba knowledge and skills

Dubai is a great place to get your scuba diving refresher. The calm waters and clear visibility make it an ideal environment to tune up your scuba skills, especially after a period of time out from diving. Dubai has plenty of dive sites, ranging from shallow reefs to deep wrecks, where you can reacquaint your scuba knowledge and skills.

Feeling a little rusty after not diving for quite some time? ReActivate Scuba Refresher is just what you need to get back into the groove. Our highly-trained PADI Instructors will help you get comfortable and confident in the underwater world again in just one day. 

Our scuba diving basics refresher aims to reacclimate you in the marine environment through simulated diving situations. The session will focus on brushing up on your dive theories, safe diving practices, basic problem management, and fundamental skills such as assembling a scuba unit, buoyancy control, mask clearing, and monitoring one’s air supply. 

The course also reinforces essential safety tips so you can deal with problems that may arise while diving. By being reacquainted with the necessary knowledge and skills, scuba diving can be more fun and safe for you, your dive buddy, the rest of the dive team, and the environment. 

This course not only refreshes your theoretical background and in-water skills after a diving hiatus but also refreshes your mindset. After completing the ReActivate Scuba Refresher, you can restore your knowledge and skills to prepare you for your next scuba diving trip and the next level of training.

Once you have reacquainted yourself with the basics, diving back into the ocean will come naturally. Start your ReActivate Scuba Refresher today and start filling your logbook again.

Scuba diving is an exciting and adventurous water sport that offers a chance to explore the beauty of the underwater world and its amazing marine life. The UAE, particularly Dubai, is one of the most popular destinations for scuba diving, attracting divers from all over the world. With its crystal clear waters and diverse marine life, scuba diving in Dubai offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

The cost of scuba diving in Dubai varies depending on the dive center you choose and the type of dive you opt for. On average, a single dive can cost anywhere from AED 200 to AED 500, with the average price for a single dive being around AED 350. This price usually includes all the necessary equipment, such as the dive tank, regulator, and wetsuit, as well as the services of a professional dive guide. At Nemo Diving Center, they offer a wide range of diving packages to suit every budget and experience level.

Diving in Dubai is an incredible experience, and the UAE is home to many dive sites teeming with amazing marine life including colorful soft and hard corals, sea turtles, stingrays, manta rays, moray eels, cuttlefish, octopus, nudibranchs, seahorses, and a plethora of fish species. It is also noted for its incredible dive wrecks that have become rich artificial reefs. These dive sites offer a unique and exciting diving experience, providing a chance to explore sunken ships and other structures that have become havens for marine life.

One of the most popular dive sites in Dubai is the Abu Dhabi Falcon Wreck, which is located just offshore from the city and offers a chance to explore a unique underwater world. At Nemo Diving Center, they offer dive trips to this amazing dive site, allowing divers to discover the incredible marine life that has made the wreck its home. They also offer a wide range of other dive sites to choose from, including shallow coral reefs, deep wrecks, and drift dives, providing something for every level of diver.

In conclusion, scuba diving in Dubai offers an unforgettable experience for all levels of diver. With its clear waters, diverse marine life, and incredible dive sites, Dubai is a must-visit destination for any scuba diver. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, the team at Nemo Diving Center will ensure that you have an amazing time exploring the beauty of the underwater world.