Martini Rock in Fujairah


Al Fujairah, UAE


Reef Dive


10 - 22 meters (30 - 72 ft)


5 - 15 meters (15 - 50 ft)

More about Martini Rock

Martini Rock is a small lovely reef which gets its name from the contour of the rocky pinnacles beneath the surface that appear like a martini glass on its side. The rock itself measures around 160m in length and its widest is 80m across. You can dive around it beginning at 12 meters then progressing to 20 meters and returning to shallower waters. Average visibility in this site ranges between 5-15m but on a great day, you can experience up to 20 meters visibility.

This popular dive spot in the East Coast is noted for its sandy gullies and abundance of rich orange soft coral and complemented by deep purple and bright yellow soft coral. Martini Rock is teeming with different kinds of colorful reef fish such as snappers, fusiliers, lionfish, burrfish, snappers, parrot fish, Sergeant Majors, and broomtail wrasse to name a few, making it a kaleidoscope world.

You’re also bound to encounter other interesting marine life such as cuttlefish, moray eels, and turtles that enjoy gliding in these waters. Certified divers who have a passion for underwater photography will find remarkable subjects like seahorses, shrimps, and colorful nudibranchs that come in an array of colors, shapes, and body textures. The sandy areas around the rock are home to gobies that live in holes together with shrimp house-cleaners while rays like to bury themselves half-way through the sand.

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