Octopus Rock in Musandam


Musandam, Oman


Reef Dive


12 - 60 meters


5 - 15 meters (15 - 50 ft)

More about Octopus Rock

With its distinctive undercut top, this isolated stack lies 3km offshore to the north of Lima and is another great Musandam dive site. The almost round rock is approximately 50m in diameter and its sides drop more or less vertically to a mixed rock and sand seabed. The rocky bottom runs in ridges to the west and north, forming sandy-bottomed gullies. The depth of these gullies varies from 15-20m around the base of the rock, when they slope off to the southeast, descending more than 50m.

Octopus Rocks is a marine zoo that can be enjoyed in most weather and tidal conditions, thanks to its sheltered location in Lima Bay. After reaching the bottom, swim north from the base of the rock and you’ll reach a rocky cliff that runs east to west. This leads to the gullies, which are a continuation of the cliff. Most divers turn back at the cliff and circle around the terraces of rock that surround the stack. If you continue, remember to take note of your bearings, since you can end up a long way from the rock.

Snorkeling in Octopus Rock is also very good, especially around the stack. To make the most of this site you will have to duck dive down the sides of the stack. Alternatively, you can swim away from the stack to the north-west. There are large outcrops of rock 5m to 8m from the surface that are vibrant with reef fish. The stack is a gathering point for a great variety of shoaling fish life, further out from the rock you’ll find jacks, trevally, tuna, barracuda, and rays.

Soft and hard corals abound, green colored black coral and purple soft coral whips predominate. Together with the pink and orange teddy bear corals, they create a kaleidoscope of color. The rocks are home to fanworms, featherstars, juvenile crayfish, and anemones. Look under overhangs and in hollows for black or red lionfish, but take care as these are poisonous. Stingrays can be seen feeding in the sand or resting under boulder coral overhangs on most dives. You also have a good chance of seeing nurse and leopard sharks at Octopus Rock.

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