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How Much Does Scuba Diving Cost in Dubai?

Scuba diving is your ticket to explore life below the surface. It’s a privilege to witness and explore the wonders of the sea including incredible vistas, colorful corals, and fascinating marine life. 

Dubai is a beautiful scuba diving destination where you can be one with the sea. Imagine descending into the clear blue waters and seeing a myriad of fish. You can also come across playful turtles, graceful rays, and other interesting marine creatures. Dubai’s tranquil underwater environment is just what you need to relax, destress, and disconnect from the world. There are many different diving experiences to choose from, depending on your level, interests, time, and budget (see our scuba diving Dubai prices).

Dive Course Rates

Introductory dive program

scuba diving dubai deals

If you have no prior experience and have limited time and budget, you can still experience scuba diving. Discover Scuba Diving in Dubai is ideal for people of different ages who want to try scuba diving. For as low as 350 AED, you can participate in a one-day dive session without the pressure of committing to a certification program. This one-day experience includes scuba lecture and training in confined water. The fun part is diving for 30-50 minutes. 

Start your dive journey

Are you interested in learning how to dive but lack time to complete a full Open Water Course? You can squeeze Basic Scuba Diving in just two days for as low as 1,270 AED. If you want to earn your first certification, go for the PADI Open Water Diving. For as low as 1,500, you can gain the necessary knowledge and the proper skills to become a PADI-certified diver. We know how valuable your time is. That’s why we offer the e-learning course so you can study the theoretical part of scuba diving at home. 

Continue your dive education

Experienced divers can widen their scope of knowledge and improve their skills by continuing their dive journey. Enrolling in the Advanced Open Water Diver for as low as 1,300 AED provides you with more dive experiences and trains you on the basic aspects of deep diving. You will also be trained on how to use different dive tools, navigate better, and use different kick styles. You might also be interested in participating in other programs such as Rescue Diver and Emergency First Response. Check out our scuba diving packages for more information. 

Hone your skills

Learning special skills can expand your scuba knowledge and boost your dive experience. Taking Specialty Dive Courses can also train you to explore unique marine environments and conditions. For example, Deep Dive which costs 1,500 AED enables you to dive up to 40m/130ft. Another popular specialty course is Wreck Diver which costs 1,500 AED. The course trains you to explore underwater wrecks such as sunken ships and aircraft. Other Specialty Courses to consider are Enriched Air, Sidemount, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Boat Diver, and Underwater Search and Recovery. Learn more about our scuba diving Dubai deals

If you’re enthusiastic about scuba diving and want to make it into a career, we offer Divemaster and Master Scuba Diver courses. 

Join Dubai dive trips/excursions

Nemo Diving Center offers dive trips in Dubai, Fujairah, and Musandam. We also feature outside trips in Egypt and the Maldives. Come with us and add these amazing locations to your dive book pages. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, we have a wide range of scuba diving courses and trips that suit your level and interest. Happy diving!

*Scuba diving prices may change without prior notice. 


Scuba diving is an exciting and adventurous water sport that offers a chance to explore the beauty of the underwater world and its amazing marine life. The UAE, particularly Dubai, is one of the most popular destinations for scuba diving, attracting divers from all over the world. With its crystal clear waters and diverse marine life, scuba diving in Dubai offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

The cost of scuba diving in Dubai varies depending on the dive center you choose and the type of dive you opt for. On average, a single dive can cost anywhere from AED 250 to AED 550, with the average price for a single dive being around AED 350. This price usually includes all the necessary equipment, such as the dive tank, regulator, and wetsuit, as well as the services of a professional dive guide. At Nemo Diving Center, We offer a wide range of diving packages to suit every budget and experience level.

Diving in Dubai is an incredible experience, and the UAE is home to many dive sites teeming with amazing marine life including colorful soft and hard corals, sea turtles, stingrays, manta rays, moray eels, cuttlefish, octopus, nudibranchs, seahorses, and a plethora of fish species. It is also noted for its incredible dive wrecks that have become rich artificial reefs. These dive sites offer a unique and exciting diving experience, providing a chance to explore sunken ships and other structures that have become havens for marine life.

Come and explore the unique underwater world of Palm Jumeriah in Dubai and incredible dive sites in Fujairah such as Dibba Rock, Sharm Rock, Martini Rock, Snoopy Island, and more. At Nemo Diving Center, we offer dive trips to these amazing dive sites, allowing divers to discover the incredible marine life that has made the wreck its home. We also offer a wide range of other dive sites to choose from, including shallow coral reefs, deep wrecks, and drift dives, providing something for every level of diver.

In conclusion, scuba diving in Dubai offers an unforgettable experience for all levels of diver. With its clear waters, diverse marine life, and incredible dive sites, Dubai is a must-visit destination for any scuba diver. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, our team at Nemo Diving Center will ensure that you have an amazing time exploring the beauty of the underwater world.



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