What you Can Expect to See in the Artificial Reef in Fujairah

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The UAE is home to beautiful reefs, fascinating wrecks, and rich marine life. Fujairah emirate, located on UAE’s eastern coast along the Gulf of Oman offers an amazing diving experience. The Artificial Reef is just one of the interesting dive spots worth exploring in Fujairah. 

As its name suggests, the Artificial Reef is an underwater man-made structure created to simulate some of the characteristics of a natural reef. Nestled off the coast of Dibba, Fujairah, the Artificial Reef is known for its triangle blocks, an array of reef balls, and a small boat wreck. This dive spot has a depth of 15 meters which makes it ideal for Open Water Divers and above. Get in touch with Nemo Diving Center to learn about this diving site and other scuba diving Fujairah trips.

Small boat wreck

When you make your way down the anchor line to the sandy bottom, you will see some tires and concrete domes. Another rope will guide you down to a small fishing boat wreck nestled on the seafloor. Near the wreck, you’ll find a congregation of concrete empty pyramids that are piled on top of each other. These man-made and fish-friendly structures make a good hiding place for small fish that are avoiding predators. 

The nooks and crannies of wrecks such as this one provide shelter for numerous types of fish, crustaceans, and other marine life. They also make an ideal artificial environment for corals, sea anemones, nudibranchs, fan worms, and other small creatures. Divers are attracted to wrecks, making them a magnet for eco-tourism. 

One-spot snappers

The small boat wreck is teeming with one-spot snappers. They have yellow tails and silver bodies marked with a single black spot. The spot is more prominent on juveniles. You’ll see them in small shoals swimming around the small boat wreck and on top of the hollow pyramids during the day. 


Small shoals of mackerel may also be spotted near the pyramid stack. These swift-moving fish frequent the area to feed on small fish, fish eggs, and crustaceans. These fish do not have swim bladders that’s why they must keep moving all the time. Their elongated silver bodies glistening in the depths is a beautiful sight. 


These waters are also home to Pinnate Batfish (Platax Pinnatus). Juveniles have a blackish brown color with an orange stripe outline around their bodies. Adults have silver bodies with black stripes and can grow up to 18 inches. These flat-bodied fish are often solitary but you can also see them in pairs or small groups. The batfish have an inquisitive nature and they love approaching divers. After satisfying their curiosity, the batfish will return to what they were doing and pay less attention to divers. 


You’re likely to find groupers during your dive. These docile, large-mouthed fish are often spotted hovering motionless in the water. Don’t be surprised if they swim right up at you and linger. If you want to take their photo, try lightly tapping your underwater camera with an object to get their attention. The sound might urge them to come in and take a closer look. 

Arabian Angelfish

One of the lovely fishes that you can encounter in these waters is the Arabian Angelfish. These striking fish have royal blue bodies with a distinct yellow stripe and yellow tail. With such beautiful colors and markings, Arabian Angelfish are eye-catchers. 

Moray eels

If you look closely at the reef balls, you might spot a moray eel hiding inside. These double-jawed creatures like concealing themselves in crevices and gaps so that they can wait for an opportunity to surprise their prey. Despite their big eyes, moray eels have poor eyesight. They rely on their keen sense of smell when hunting.

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