Why you should teach kids to scuba dive

boy finds diving fun and exciting

What used to be a water sport reserved for the brave and more adventurous folks has evolved into a fun and exciting water activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The evolution of scuba diving equipment, training, and people’s perception has made scuba diving available for young kids and teens.

Introducing kids to scuba diving is something worth looking forward to especially for parents who love diving.  If you’re that kind of parent, chances are you are just looking for the right opportunity to share your passion for the underwater world with your child.

Is your child ready to dive?

Training courses like the Bubblemaker course make it possible for kids as young as eight years old to enjoy diving. Despite the availability of scuba diving courses for kids, there are key factors that parents may consider before encouraging their children to go diving.

  • For starters, your child must be physically fit to go diving.  If you have concerns about the effects of diving on your child’s health, you can consult your family doctor to dispel any doubts or fears.
  • Make sure that your child is comfortable in the water to make it easier for both your child and the diving instructor.
  • Your kid must be able to listen and focus on what the diving instructor is saying which includes discussions, water activity briefings, and debriefings.
  • It is important that your child actually wants to go diving. It’s alright to introduce the idea of diving to your kid but there should be a genuine interest and willingness to try the water sport without putting pressure on your child.

Bear in mind that no one knows your child better than you. As a parent, you can assess the physical and emotional readiness of your child to learn scuba diving.  It’s also helpful to ask guidance from professionals like your child’s pediatrician and teacher.

What are the advantages of teaching kids how to scuba dive?

scuba diving kids

Opening children’s eyes to the colorful underwater world is a wonderful opportunity that they are bound to remember throughout their lives.  Here are some advantages of scuba diving for the young:

  • Scuba diving is a good excuse for screen time-out. The digital age has diminished family quality time in favor of gaming and mobile devices. Scuba diving can give kids a good reason to put down their gadgets and enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Introducing children to scuba diving can help boost physical fitness and build stronger immune system. This water activity is a good form of exercise that can strengthen muscles and build stamina.
  • It’s good to have an activity that the whole family can enjoy to promote quality time. A family that loves scuba diving can organize fun family diving excursions to explore the majestic world beneath the waves.  This kind of bonding brings family members closer to one another and builds stronger ties.
  • Scuba diving encourages kids to feel closer to nature. Children can learn about different kinds of amazing marine plants and animals when they venture underwater.  Learning about marine life in the classroom pale in comparison to seeing a thriving marine ecosystem with their very own eyes.
  • When kids see the ocean and the marine creatures that depend on the it, it becomes easier for them to understand the importance of keeping the ocean clean.  Inspiring early environmental awareness among children teaches them life-long values.
  • Learning to follow instructions and safety procedures underwater teach kids about the importance of self-discipline and responsibility which they can carry on into adulthood.
  • Kids have the opportunity to meet other children and build lasting friendships while parents can connect with other parents who have similar interests.

Sharing your passion for scuba diving with your kids is not just a great way to nurture their curiosity and love for nature but it also opens doors for new memories that the family can cherish for a lifetime.