How to Make Valentine’s Day Special For Scuba Divers

Valentine’s Day is not limited to flowers, chocolates, and romantic dinners. If you’re tired of traditional Valentine gifts and dates, why not surprise your loved one with a fresh take this year? If you and your partner love the ocean, what’s more romantic than spending the day of hearts in the underwater world? Here are some tips to make this romantic day extra special for scuba divers.

Whisk your loved one on a romantic getaway

With the reopening of many countries, 2023 is a perfect opportunity to travel again. UAE is a great destination for scuba divers because of its unique dive sites. When it comes to a romantic trip, Dubai comes first in mind. This glamorous emirate is noted for its historical sites, avant-garde architecture, luxurious resorts, and incredible dive sites. If you’ve never set foot in Dubai, this is your cue to discover this amazing destination. If you’ve been there before, now is as good a time as any to revisit. Get in touch with our dive shop Dubai and we’ll help you plan a memorable Dubai diving experience.  

Discover Scuba Diving as a couple

If you and your partner love the ocean but have not yet tried diving, you can tick this off on your bucket list by signing up together for Discover Scuba Diving Dubai. This Introductory Diving experience is also available in Fujairah. 

Discover Scuba is a wonderful gift for your partner and yourself. Make priceless memories by experiencing something new together this Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry if you have no previous scuba diving experience because Discover Scuba enables you to explore the underwater world without the need for a certification course. It is suitable for different ages so it’s great for families as well. Valentine’s Day after all is not just for couples but for family members too. 

Experience Deep Dive Dubai

Experience Deep Dive Dubai

Have you heard about the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool for diving in Dubai? This incredible facility is like a giant oyster that represents the United Arab Emirates’ heritage as a pearl nation. If you’re looking for a unique scuba diving Dubai experience to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this could be it.

Nemo Diving Center can arrange a dive for you and your companions in the deepest pool in Dubai. This record-breaking attraction is suited for non-certified and certified divers. If you want to get certified, we have different packages that combine dive courses and Deep Dive Dubai. Our Deep Specialty Course + 1 Dive in Deep Dive Dubai enables you to experience deep sea diving but in a controlled diving environment. 

Sign up for a Night Dive

Scuba diving during the day is an amazing activity but night diving is a different experience altogether. Night Diving gives you the privilege of watching the sky exhibit gorgeous colors such as yellow, orange, and red. A sunset’s beauty is unrivaled in nature so what can be more romantic than watching it with a special someone just before diving? Sign up for a Fujairah Night Dive and witness daytime creatures scurrying to go home for the night and see nocturnal creatures come out to hunt, feed, and play. This is perfect for certified divers looking for a memorable underwater adventure. 

Spend quality time with your loved one

Whether it’s Discover Scuba, Diving in Deep Dubai, or Night Diving, the important thing is spending quality time with your loved one. Make this Valentine’s Day count by doing something unique and making new memories that you can relive any time.