Romantic Valentine’s Day Dive in Dubai

For people who love the sea, what’s more romantic than spending Valentine’s Day in the underwater world? Give the iconic line “love is in the air” a twist and say “love is in the water”. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here are some tips to usher romance on that special day.

Plan a romantic getaway

Hearts Day is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your special someone. Dubai is a wonderful place to spend a romantic holiday. This glamorous emirate is home to incredible attractions including avant-garde architecture, historical sites, luxurious resorts, and amazing marine sanctuaries. Visit our dive shop Dubai and embark on a fun, safe, and memorable diving experience.

best romantic getaways

First dive as a couple

If you and your partner have not yet tried diving, you might want to sign up for discovery scuba diving. This is a great Valentine’s gift for your partner and yourself. Experiencing something new together is priceless.

There’s no need for previous scuba diving experience. As long as you’re in good health and know how to swim, you can join this underwater activity. You can choose between a conventional mask or full face mask and relish the beauty of the underwater realm of Dubai. Our professional dive instructors will guide you every step of the way to ensure that you enjoy every minute. If you decide to pursue diving, you can sign up for a certification program on your next holiday.

Express your love underwater

If you’re a certified diver, you might want to join our scuba diving fujairah. The east coast of the UAE has an endearing charm worth experiencing. Immerse yourself in the warm waters of Fujairah and its beautiful surroundings. During your dive, use an underwater slate and write a romantic note to your significant other. Think of something sweet and wait for the perfect opportunity to reveal your note. The unexpected sweet gesture will surely delight your special someone.

express your love underwater

Organize an underwater photo session

Want a memorable keepsake of your Valentine dive? You can arrange a fun underwater photoshoot. It can be a regular photoshoot of you and your partner enjoying marine life or you can try creative portraits underwater. If you prefer being behind the camera, you can sign up for an underwater photography session and learn shooting tips and tricks.

Treat your loved one to new gear

If your special someone is a certified diver, you might want to surprise him/her with a new piece of gear. You can surprise your significant other with a gear upgrade such as a new frameless scuba mask, compass, fins, dive light, etc.

Show your love for the ocean

Don’t forget to express your love for the ocean on Valentine’s Day by buying only reef-friendly products, avoiding single-use plastics, reducing waste, recycling, and choosing sustainable diving tours. During your dive, you can collect debris and trash. You can also collect litter that you see on the beach. This gesture will help contribute to the health of the ocean.


Enjoy your time together

Celebrate your love in the water! May your Valentine dive be a terrific and memorable experience. Happy Hearts Day!