What You Can Expect When Diving in Snoopy Island

Are you familiar with the cute beagle character in the comic strip “Peanuts” by Charles M. Schulz? That’s none other than the beloved Snoopy who has warmed the hearts of many because of his good nature, loyalty, and funny antics.

In Fujairah, there’s a small rock outcropping that bears the same name as this famous cartoon character. It’s called Snoopy Island. Are you wondering how the island got its name? The three sections of rock formations resemble the nose, big belly, and feet of Snoopy sleeping on top of his iconic doghouse. 

fujairah snoopy island

Snoopy Island is located off the coast of Fujairah; just a 2-hour drive from Dubai. The island is nestled within a protected marine national park that prohibits fishing. As a result, fish and other marine creatures thrive in these waters. The abundance of marine life in the area makes it a perfect site for snorkeling and diving. The shallow warm water, good visibility, and mild currents make it suitable for year-round snorkeling and scuba diving Fujairah

What you can see when diving in Snoopy Island 

When you dive from the shore, you can swim about 200m to reach the last buoy. From there you can make your descent, around four to five meters at the southwest corner. Keep an eye out for the electric ray that likes to bury itself in the sandy area near the buoy line. Electric rays, also called torpedo rays, crampfish, or numbfish are bottom-dweller invertebrates. They have two organs shaped like a kidney that act like internal batteries that store and generate electricity.

diving in snoopy island

A small ray can generate around 37 volts but a large electric ray can produce about 220 volts. They use their natural electricity to stun their prey. They are harmless creatures but be careful not to touch or step on them to avoid getting a shock. 

The clear waters serve as a huge playground for different kinds of colorful fish. If you’ve taken the Fish Identification Specialty Course, you’ll have fun identifying the species that you encounter underwater. Some common sightings are parrotfish, Arabian boxfish, snapper, angelfish, butterflyfish, Sergeant Major, triggerfish, surgeonfish, Picasso, cardinalfish, and broomtail wrasse.

It’s always a pleasure to come across gliding turtles in these waters like the Hawksbill and Green turtles. There’s a good chance to encounter a turtle at the northeast corner of the island, with a depth of 4m to 5m. This is where the larger Boulder and Brain Coral clusters are located. Sadly, these beloved creatures are susceptible to pollution, climate change, fishing gear entanglement, and poaching. Nemo Diving Center promotes sustainable dive tours to support worldwide conservation efforts to protect marine turtles. 

If you see shoals of mackerel, chances are there might be barracudas on the hunt nearby.  The thin and long body of the barracuda is built for speed. These predators hunt mainly by sight and would not pass up an opportunity to cease some mackerels from their group. 

Another cool creature to watch out for is the cuttlefish. It’s amazing to observe a cuttlefish changing color rapidly. These incredible animals use adaptive camouflage to blend in with their environment. They are capable of matching the hues and even the surface textures of the things in their surroundings. They are the master shifters of the underwater world. 

diving in snoopy island

Want to go on an underwater treasure hunt with a twist? You can check the nooks and crannies of rocks and corals for a chance to spot a moray eel. It’s fun and rewarding to see these double-jawed creatures. 

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