Shark Island in Fujairah


Al Fujairah, UAE


Reef Dive


15 meters (50 ft)


5 - 15 meters (15 - 50 ft)

More about Shark Island

Located on the south-eastern side of the Khor Fakkan bay, Shark Island is ideal for both snorkeling and diving. This large outcrop has two dive areas namely the bay or the wall while on the bay side, you’ll encounter hard corals that cover an area of around 200m while the wall is composed of large granite formations.

When exploring the waters of Shark Island, you are likely to encounter shoals of mackerel and fusiliers as well as other species like Trevally, Cornetfish, Sergeant Majors, batfish, damselfish, and barracuda. As its name implies, it is a good site to spot sharks like the common blacktip reef shark which are usually found on the eastern side of the island during the period between November to April. You are also likely to come across cruising large turtles and honeycomb moray eels that like to hide between rocks with their gaping mouth. You’ll also find several tube-dwelling anemones or cerianthid anemones which is a feast for the eyes with their long, flowing tentacles.

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