How to Get Certified for Scuba Diving in Dubai 

Dubai is perfect for scuba diving because its waters are home to diverse marine life that thrive in natural reefs as well as artificial habitats such as wrecks. These self-contained ecosystems attract divers from different parts of the world, contributing to Dubai’s tourism industry. 

If you love being in the water and have plans of visiting Dubai, getting certified in scuba diving is the best way to go. Even if you’re a confident swimmer and you completed an introductory diving program, that’s not enough to safely explore the underwater world. Without a proper dive certification, a reputable dive center will not allow you to join any scuba diving UAE trip. Certification is vital to learn the necessary knowledge, skills, and safety procedures to dive properly. Get in touch with Nemo Diving Center to know about our scuba diving Dubai prices. 

After signing up for the dive course that you want, you can begin your dive education. Here are the things that you can expect. 

Step 1 – Developing the necessary knowledge

The first phase of your scuba lessons is learning the basic theories or principles of scuba diving. The knowledge development includes planning dives; knowing the proper use of scuba equipment; and understanding underwater signals plus other diving procedures.

Nemo Diving Center makes this first phase in your dive journey easy and convenient through eLearning. You can study the fundamentals of the dive course at your own pace in any comfortable environment, such as your home. 

You will receive a redemption code via email from PADI which you will use to create an account and log in to the PADI website. This will give you access to the manual of the course, which may be divided into interactive presentations, videos, and audio materials. 

It’s important that you understand the vital theories before diving. That’s why you’re required to pass the eLearning segment before the end of the dive course. The eLearning allows you to complete your eLearning before your trip, so you can focus on the actual dives when you get to Dubai.

Step 2 – Confined water dives

scuba diving dubai

After finishing the eLearning, you’re ready for your trip to Dubai. On your scheduled date, your instructor will teach you the basic scuba skills in confined water which includes setting up your scuba gear/equipment, clearing your mask, and entering and exiting the water. You’ll also learn about buoyancy control, underwater navigation, and essential safety procedures. You’ll have enough time to work on these skills until you’re comfortable to explore the open water.

Step 3 – Open water dives

The last and the most fun part of the course is the actual dives. After completing the requirements of the confined water dives, you’re all set for the open water. This is the time that you can apply the knowledge and skills that you learned earlier during the course. Your PADI instructor will guide you every step of the way to ensure your comfort and safety. 

The maximum depth that you can go will depend on the course. For example, the maximum allowed depth for beginner courses like PADI Open Water Diving is 18 meters/60 feet. While for Advanced Open Water Diving, the maximum allowed depth is 30 meters/100 feet. For advanced divers with Deep Dive Specialty, the maximum allowed depth is 40 meters/130 feet.

Get certified and dive with confidence

Make the most of your vacation by getting certified in Dubai. Start by completing the eLearning at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. When you arrive in Dubai, you can build your skills through confined dives before proceeding to open water dives. Happy diving in Dubai!