Why should you participate in an Underwater Cleanup?

As a diver, you are an ambassador of the ocean. It is your responsibility to take care of the ocean and protect marine life. We all know that marine pollution is a huge problem but fortunately, it’s not too late to save our oceans. Help make a difference by taking part in beach and dive cleanups.

Underwater cleanup at the Pointe Palm 2022

More than 60 divers participated in the underwater cleanup at the Pointe Palm last October 15, 2022. It was a successful and memorable activity organized by Nemo Diving Center in partnership with Nakheel Official. Ten of our staff members and instructors led the group of committed Dive Against Debris warriors. More than 70 scuba tanks were assembled and the average dive lasted for an hour. Our team collected more than 100 bags of waste, with a total combined weight of 200 kg.

Underwater cleanup at the Pointe Palm 2022

Interested in underwater cleanup? Divers with Open Water Diver Certification or higher can join our underwater cleanup dives. Get in touch with our dive shop Dubai to know about our dive trips and scuba diving Dubai deals.

5 Reasons why you should join an underwater cleanup

Reduce the litter that ends up in the ocean

Improper waste disposal is one of the top causes of ocean pollution. Some people may not be aware of it but when they litter on the street, rainwater can move the trash into drains. The trash is often carried out to streams, rivers, and eventually to the oceans. It’s a sad reality but you can help fight ocean pollution by participating in beach, coastal, and underwater cleanups.

Underwater cleaning

Create a safer environment for underwater life

Marine litter has detrimental effects on the marine environment, as well as aquatic life. Trash such as plastics and discarded fishing gear find their way into the ocean, threatening marine creatures. Fish, sea turtles, marine mammals, and even birds get sick from ingesting plastic debris. For example, sea turtles can easily mistake a floating plastic bag for a jellyfish which is one of their favorite foods.

Entanglement is another alarming threat to marine life. Small and big creatures can become victims of entanglement. They may either suffocate, starve, drown, or become vulnerable to predators because they cannot defend themselves. By joining an underwater cleanup, you can help reduce the threat of marine debris and make it a safer place for aquatic life.

Help boost the local economy

Tourism is an important livelihood for many coastal communities. This includes local restaurants, souvenir shops, accommodations, dive centers, and other water sports operators. Clean surroundings will attract more tourists and help boost the local economy. Tourists are also more likely to recommend places that have clean environments.

Underwater cleaning